You may already know that you can expect clearer vision with more freedom from glasses and contacts with LASIK laser eye surgery. But what can you expect leading up to and when you come into Bernitsky Vision for your LASIK vision correction surgery?

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Preparing for ABQ LASIK Vision Correction

If you currently wear only glasses, there’s very little preparation required for LASIK.  If you’re currently wearing contact lenses, abstention from contact lens wear is important and may be the hardest part of the whole process.  Allowing your corneas to return to their normal shape is important in obtaining accurate measurements for your vision correction surgery. The length of time that you must be out of contacts depends on both the type of lenses that you wear and how much corneal change is seen on your corneal maps at the time of consultation.  For soft contact lens wearers, two weeks is generally sufficient.  For Toric and RGP wearers, the length of time required for your corneas to return to normal may be longer. Once Dr. Bernitsky has a chance to look at your corneas and corneal maps, he will be able to give you an idea how long you’ll need to be out of contacts.

On the Day of Laser Eye Surgery at Bernitsky Vision in ABQ

Your LASIK vision correction surgery actually takes very little time. From check-in to the time you are ready to leave, it will take approximately two hours. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Check in. Upon your arrival, we will take time to review LASIK vision correction surgery post-operative guidelines.
  2. Relaxation. Dr. Bernitsky will provide a mild sedative (usually valium) to help you relax before the procedure. Your eyes will also be prepared for laser surgery with numbing drops.
  3. Surgery preparation. We will help you get comfortable and prepare the eye and surrounding tissues for the actual procedure.
  4. Surgery. The LASIK procedure generally takes under two minutes per eye. The Z-LASIK laser creates the flap in 10 to 12 seconds, and the reshaping is complete in anywhere from six seconds to one minute.
  5. In-Office Recovery. Once your LASIK surgery is complete, you will rest in our recovery area for about 20 to 30 minutes. Dr. Bernitsky will check your eyes prior to discharge. You cannot drive yourself after surgery and will need to have someone pick you up.
  6. At-Home Recovery. By the time you leave Bernitsky Vision, you will have significantly improved vision. However, it is important to allow your eyes adequate rest. When you get home, rest with your eyes closed for one to two hours. During this time, you may experience some discomfort, including a sandy sensation and tearing. Your symptoms may be effectively relieved with OTC pain relievers. If pain persists or you’re worried about anything you’re experiencing, please call us.  Dr. Bernitsky will call in the evening to check on you.

LASIK Vision Correction from One of New Mexico’s Best

Dr. David Bernitsky has over 25 years of experience performing laser eye surgery. If LASIK is not best for your eyes, Dr. Bernitsky may offer another vision correction option that will better fit your needs. Contact Dr. Bernitsky at Bernitsky Vision today to schedule a free consultation.