Bernitsky Vision is committed to helping patients achieve excellent vision correction results for a lifetime—even our patients who move and patients who received LASIK treatment elsewhere but now require care in Albuquerque. That’s what it means to be a participating provider in the Vision for Life network of LASIK doctors.

Albuquerque Vision for Life Plan Options

The Vision for Life plan allows patients who had LASIK eye surgery performed by Dr. Bernitsky to receive LASIK enhancements* at no cost by any Vision for Life surgeon around the country.

Contact us to schedule a FREE consult.For LASIK eye surgery from a participating Vision for Life surgeon, call Bernitsky Vision in Albuquerque, NM at 505-323-0800.

Patients are automatically enrolled in the Vision for Life plan when they choose the Z-LASIK lifetime option from the Dr. Bernitsky at Bernitsky Vision. We will have you sign an acknowledgement form and provide the Vision for Life Passport (used to track follow-up appointments and enhancements) and program guidelines, and that’s all it takes.

Eligibility Requirements

Patients must meet some eligibility requirements to participate in the Vision for Life program, including:

  • Maximum vision correction parameters for myopia + astigmatism or hyperopia + astigmatism
  • Pre-operative best corrected vision† of 20/40 or better
  • Completion of prescribed post-operative care
  • In good financial standing with your Vision for Life LASIK provider

Patients must continue to have annual exams to remain eligible in the lifetime program. (Cost for the annual exams are not covered by the Vision for Life plan.)

If you have questions about the Vision for Life plan, please contact Bernitsky Vision.

* Enhancements covered under the Vision for Life plan must be deemed medically necessary by a pre-qualified Vision for Life LASIK surgeon.

† “best corrected vision” includes aided vision correction (achieved with glasses or contacts)