TLC Lifetime Commitment

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The TLC Lifetime Commitment® at Bernitsky Vision

Bernitsky Vision is a TLC Laser Eye Center, which means that in addition to the dedication and experience of Albuquerque ophthalmologist Dr. Chan, our patients also benefit from the technology and commitment of North America’s largest LASIK provider. TLC Eye Centers have performed over 2 million laser vision correction procedures and they stand behind their LASIK results by offering the TLC Lifetime Commitment®.

How the TLC Lifetime Commitment® Program Works

We want to help our patients maintain great vision throughout their lives. The TLC Lifetime Commitment® program offers patients the following benefits:

  • If your vision changes and requires additional treatment, you may be eligible for another same-technology procedure with no charge to you.
  • Bernitsky LASIK patients who qualify for the TLC Lifetime Commitment® program are automatically enrolled.
  • Patients seeking a custom LASIK enhancement may have the advanced procedure and pay only the difference in price between conventional and custom LASIK. Qualified patients who originally opted for custom LASIK can receive free custom LASIK enhancement.

Do I Qualify for the TLC Lifetime Commitment® Program?

If you have LASIK laser vision correction at Bernitsky Vision, you may qualify for the TLC Lifetime Commitment® program. Dr. Chan and his team can explain the details and advise you if your vision and LASIK status make you eligible for the program.

You will need to take a few steps to maintain your eligibility for the TLC Lifetime Commitment® program:

  • Complete required post-op appointments after your LASIK surgery
  • Schedule and attend annual eye exams at Bernitsky Vision or with a TLC Affiliated provider

If you do not qualify for the TLC Lifetime Commitment® program, you may still benefit from the TLC Standard Enhancement Policy. Every LASIK patient at a TLC Laser Eye Center is protected by TLC Standard Enhancement Policy, in which deteriorations in vision within one year after LASIK can qualify for a free enhancement treatment using the same technology. Certain changes in your vision or eye health may affect your eligibility for an enhancement.

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