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If you are considering eye surgery Dr. Bernitsky and his staff are the best! I was considering LASIK vision correction for several years but was hesitant and always found reasons to delay it. LASIK has been the best thing I have done for myself and subsequently my family. Now that I am freed from the constraints of contacts and glasses I can go swimming with my kids or camping without worry. My only regret is not doing it sooner. From the very first phone call to walking out of the office with better than 20/20 vision Dr. Bernitsky and his staff have treated me with kindness and professionalism. Thank you Dr. Bernitsky and everyone involved with my care!

Amanda Thomas



Dr. Bernitsky and his team are amazing! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Price was not bad for an investment on something you use all day every day. Recovery was a breeze and the procedure itself was quick and stress free. Vision was 20/15 by the next morning. Best decision I ever made was to go see Bernitsky. ☺️

Tabitha Herring



I just recently had my Lasik surgery (5 days ago) and was very satisfied with my experience. I was thoroughly informed ahead of time as to what to expect and everything went well. All the staff were kind and helpful in every way. I still have some blurriness, as they told me I probably would for a few weeks, but can already see a huge difference in my eyesight.

C. Cecile Lantz



Before surgery, I did not know what was going on with my eyes. On a dark night in my home, I did not feel safe going up and down stairs, and I got to the point where I found myself almost getting into car accidents. I went in to talk about Lasik. During the exam, the staff ran tests on me for cataracts. I thought you had to be “old” to get cataracts, and at 60, I did not feel “old”. Sure enough, I had cataracts. They did a cataract procedure on me and put in a new ICL in each eye. Lo and Behold, I could see again. For the first time in years, I did not fear walking down my stairs at night. I could sit in my backyard and see the towers on top of Sandia Peak. Then the best part. I had a Corneal Relaxation Incision to correct remaining astigmatism in one eye. A few days later I realized that I could see detail on the Sandia Peak towers, including the antennas and the small buildings at the peak. I went to the movies to see The Jungle Book and it was like the difference between my 60’s vintage TV and an HDTV. I was shocked and amazed at the clarity. My wife told me “I told you so”. I asked myself, “Why did I wait so long?” This was the best investment I have ever made. Since I had cataracts, my medical picked up most of the expense. It was quite painless — on my eyes and my wallet. Thank you to Dr. Bernitsky and his staff, and to my wife that convinced me that the procedure was safe, worthwhile, and “worth it”.

Bill Ripley



Dr. Bernitsky and his staff were all great. They made the entire process feel really easy and comfortable. The results were great. I would totally recommend anybody who is interested in vision correction go to Dr. Bernitsky.

David Marquez



I had Lasik on April 1st and it was a great experience. The staff was reassuring and the surgery was quick and painless. If you are thinking about Lasik, Bernitsky Vision is the only way to go.

David Johnson



I did not realize what I was missing until I saw Dr. B. I’m so grateful to have my vision crystal clear again. In addition, it was such a pleasurable, calming experience. All the staff, from the first scheduling call with Danielle to the personal follow up after lasik, the entire process was impressive, professional and comforting. All appointments were on time and informative. If only all doctors offices ran this smoothly…. Thank you for a great experience.

Ashley Ghattas



Thanks to the great team at Bernitsky Vision. From my initial visit the entire staff has been courteous and knowledgeable. The team went to great lengths to assure I understood my procedure and after care.

Amazing, kind, professional and completely relaxed. I was so hesitant to go through with LASIK. The entire office made me feel comfortable and I learned what would happen and how it would be done. Made me very confident in my decision to do LASIK. I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to do the surgery. I couldn’t clearly see my hand in front of my face. I now see better than I have EVER in my entire life. Thank you Dr. Bernitsky.

Julie Trappett



Everything I’ve experienced post-op was not a surprise due to the thorough efforts of Dr. Bernitsky in explaining what I could expect after my procedure.

Thanks so much!!

Beth Schatz



First I would like to say THANK YOU!!!!!! Right from the get go Dr Bernitsky and his team were awesome…you can’t help but to trust them.

They explain everything with great detail, they want you to fully understand everything and be comfortable with your decision. When you go for your pre-op they do a few more tests just to make sure your eyes are ready for surgery make sure you know what to do and what not to do!!

Then the next day you go in for your surgery they make sure you are comfortable with every step of the process. When I went in I was honestly scared your eyes are such a big deal. I had watched you tube videos but when you get into the chair all that went away. The only thing I cared about was Dr Bernitsky’s voice telling me how great I’m doing, everything looks excellent and it’s almost over and kept me in the loop the whole time!!!

It’s great to know that he can be like that when someone is scared or nervous!! My surgery was a success at 20/15 the next day with no blurriness and minimal discomfort. I was enjoying my eye sight the next day checking how far I could see and the crispness of everything. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go with Dr Bernitsky and his team!!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

Michelle Garduno



Amazing experience all staff was welcoming and informative. My vision is great post Lasik of 20/15 it was a great decision.

Alycia Baca



Excellent experience. I wouldn’t trust my eyes to anyone else. The staff is the best. Dr. Bernitsky cares about his patients and it shows. He called me the evening of my surgery to make sure all was okay and I didn’t have any questions. Best in town, most complete instructions, and the results have been immediate. Trust your eyes, the bulk of your livelihood, to no one else. Dr. Bernitsky is the best in Albuquerque. If you are questioning the value? It was worth it, and the proof is in the pudding. I am writing this without correction lenses, 72 hours after my surgery was complete. Best decision ever. Money well spent.

Phil Miller



I could not have chosen a better doctor. Staff were very professional and thorough. The procedure was quick, as was the recovery. What a blessing it is to have the gift of great vision. I am forever grateful.

Mariaelena Hernandez



What a great experience I had with Dr. Bernitsky and his entire staff. The office is top notch. I couldn’t be more pleased with the success of my Vision Correction. They were so professional and helpful. I knew they were great because they also did my wife’s Lasik Surgery. To me there was no other choice but to choose Dr. Bernitsky.

Joseph McWethy



I first started considering a LASIK treatment about three months ago, when I realized how much easier all of my outdoor activities would be without having to deal with glasses or contacts. Having grown up in Albuquerque, I had heard and seen Dr. Bernitsky’s LASIK advertisements for a while and when the time came to schedule a consultation, his was the first name to come up in my mind. Looking at his site I was reassured by the degree to which he has been on the forefront of this technology and didn’t have any hesitations about seeing him.

The process itself was very fast. I came in for a consultation on Tuesday and then came back on Thursday to have the procedure done. His staff were friendly and knowledgeable, the building itself had a pleasant design, and everyone was very open to questions and to making sure that I had a clear understanding of what was going on. During the procedure, Dr. Bernitsky’s coaching really made everything go smoothly. He let me know exactly what was happening and gave real-time feedback like, “10 seconds left. Almost halfway through. You’re doing great. Everything is going perfectly.” This made the procedure stress-free.

Dr. Bernitsky definitely knows what he’s talking about and I’m happy I went to him to get the LASIK treatment. His follow-up care and focus on patient well-being are refreshing practices.

Thanks for a great experience and a “new” set of eyes!

Nikita Bogdanov



After fighting with glasses and contacts for years I decided to look into LASIK surgery. I was referred by a friend, to Dr. Bernitsky, who had great results. The staff is very helpful and polite. Also very knowledgeable. All my questions were answered. I appreciated the doc “talking” me through the procedure as he was fixing my eyes. The staff was so helpful during the whole process. I can fix my hair and actually see myself in the mirror while doing so! Everything looks so clear and crisp. I’m so grateful for Dr. Bernitsky sharing his talent to help make life visible. 🙂

Lacie Briggs



Wonderful procedure, they walked me through every step and I’ve gone from -5.00 prescription in both eyes to 20/15 vision in just one day! I got consultations from other surgeons and Dr. Bernitsky was by far the most comforting and made me absolutely confident in my decision. I’ve had other family members go to Dr. Bernitsky and they all swear by him for your vision correction and health.

Amanda Tatum



In late fall of 2006, after much deliberation, I finally decided to have LASIK. I couldn’t have better been taken care of than by Dr. Bernitsky and his team. I was a typical case of having been nearsighted for 30 years with final values of about -4.0. The very next day after surgery I could see with 15/15 vision. And the day after, on a beautiful Sunday in New Mexico, I went skiing the Sandia Mountains and couldn’t have been happier in my life. Finally I could see the beauty of it all, laser sharp without any glasses. This was truly life changing.

Fast forward to fall of 2015, just received an eye exam in California, and it made me remember this magic time 9 years ago. My distance vision is still 20/20-, and my eyes are 100% healthy. Thank you Dr. Bernitsky and team! My warm regards and happy holidays from the Bay area.

Klaus Kunze



I had several coworkers refer me to Dr. Bernitsky for LASIK and I can see (literally) why. Bernitsky & his staff made the entire process as comfortable as possible and answered every question and concern I had. My only regret was waiting as long as I did to have the procedure. (I had the procedure in late October ’15.) I noticed immediate results within 24 hours of the procedure. I definitely recommend Bernitsky to anyone considering LASIK.




I had monovision done Friday the 18th and when I opened my window Saturday morning I quickly began to cry. The joy of seeing the Sandia mountains clearly really made me emotional. After being blind and tethered to glassed for 26 years I feel like screaming, “I’m free at last, thank god I’m free at last.” Dr. Bernitsky and his staff were amazing. They made me feel at ease throughout the entire process, from consultation to follow up I never felt nervous about my decision to undergo Lasik. This has been the best experience and I will be forever grateful to Bernitsky Vision. Without hesitation I will refer them to everyone looking for the same visual freedom I am now able to enjoy. Thank you Bernitsky Vision.

April Sherie Zion



I had been thinking about Lasik for several years and had visited Dr. Bernitsky in 2012 to get information on the procedure. When I had to move to progressive trifocals, I decided that I might as well go ahead and get the surgery. It sounded good to go to a pair of single strength reading glasses instead of tripping over my feet, trying to adjust to the multiple strength prescription glasses that never truly worked well. I had the surgery Friday and could tell a difference before I even got home. My vision has continued to improve and settle (5 day out today) and improve. I bought a set of reading glasses (over the counter, $20-my last pair of trifocals was $400) a couple of days ago and I am back to my normal schedule. My eyes were irritated the first couple of days but have been improving rapidly. Five days out, they feel great. And every time I look out the window or hop into the car without my glasses, I am excited all over again. Dr. Bernitsky and his staff were terrific. They answered all of my questions, were completely clear on the procedure and recovery, and have been great with the follow up. If you are considering Lasik, I would highly recommend Dr. Bernitsky and his staff.

Lois Bradley



I was so excited, finally, I could get rid of those darn glass & contact lenses. I opted to only have one eye done. (I had been wearing only one contact for the past couple of years) That way I wouldn’t have to wear reading glasses. I also opted for the Z4 new blade free technology. I’m so happy with the results. Within 30 mins I was seeing perfect. When they checked my vision the next day, it was an amazing 20/20. The atmosphere in the office is upbeat & friendly. Doctor Bernitsky even called me, the first night after the surgery to make sure everything was going ok. I already have a friend who is going to get hers done. They take the extra time to make sure you are comfortable and every precaution is taken. It was the best decision I ever made. I can’t say enough good things about it. The whole experience was great from day one. Kind, courteous, professional. They put the Service back in customer service.

Catharine Corfield



I was quite nervous, but had been wanting to investigate LASIK for quit some time. I’ve worn glasses and/or contacts since I was in the third grade and have needed them from the moment I’ve woken up until the moment I lay down to go to sleep. I considered my vision to be pretty bad; not being able to read the clock from a few feet away.

Visiting Dr. Bernitsky and his team was a blessing. From the moment I walked through the door on the day of my consultation to see if I was a candidate, through my last visit I’ve been in great hands. All of his staff is very welcoming and informative. Any questions I had they were able to answer. I was very impressed with Dr. Bernitsky himself as he was very informative and reassuring.

The procedure was fairly easy and pain free. I was only in minor discomfort during the procedure and for a few hours after. Once that time had passed I’ve been seeing great and enjoying the world lens free! At the appointment the following day I was already seeing 20/15 and have been since.

One of, if not the, best decision I’ve ever made. I just wonder why it took me so long to grow the courage to make my appointment!

Matt Young



The staff at Bernitsky Vision were very friendly and helpful with all of my questions and needs. I never felt pressured to make any immediate decisions and was in total control the whole time. I felt that the communication of expectations was very transparent and I was relieved that there were no surprises.

The procedure itself was done quickly and I appreciated the verbal cues as to what was happening.

The best part of all are the results. I now have 20/15 vision in both eyes and in a very short time after the procedure. I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you again Dr. Bernitsky and all of the staff involved and behind the scenes as well.

Brett Railey



After losing my second pair of expensive prescription sunglasses and coincidentally needing to renew my prescription for contacts, once again. I finally got over my skepticism about LASIK surgery. Dr. Bernitsky was highly recommended by friends at work and on Facebook, which I completely understand after recently experiencing my LASIK surgery. Every step of the process is completely and patiently walked through with the patient and I never felt like I was being rushed through any step! Even the nerve racking moments of “focusing on the flashing red light”, I was kept calm and at ease. Post Op care was fantastic and clearly explained. Dr. Bernitsky even calls himself to check on you! If you are considering LASIK please do it and don’t wait up to 25 years like I did! You’ll enjoy waking up every day after, as you realize you no longer need to wear glasses or contacts ever again! 🙂

Ted Lucero



I decided to get LASIK after 27 years of glasses/contact lenses—contacts were no longer comfortable for more than an hour or so, and glasses were clunky and inconvenient. I was pretty apprehensive about messing with my eyes, but the staff at Bernitsky Vision answered all my questions and never pressured me in any way. The pre-procedure care was very thorough and I felt I knew what to expect, and they went out of their way to make me comfortable and at ease. I was seen by Dr. Bernitsky at every appointment and he did the surgery himself. I really appreciated that he spoke to me throughout the procedure (probably less than 10 minutes for both eyes) to let me know what was going on at each step and how much longer—it really helped to have that audible connection while my vision was unavailable. Immediately after the procedure, in the recovery room, I could already see perfectly. The recovery period was not nearly as bad as I anticipated and by my follow up visit the next morning, most of the discomfort was gone and my vision was better than it has been in years with corrective lenses—20/15! My experience was excellent from the start.

Eleanor Hutterer



I visited with three local Lasik surgeon providers before making my decision to use Dr. Bernitsky, and I am beyond thrilled with the amazing results. Due to eye extensive issues as a child, I was hesitant initially, but his vast expertise and professionalism made me very comfortable with the Lasik process and his outstanding qualifications. Dr. Bernitsky’s staff was also highly informative and caring every step of the way–from the first consult and eye exam to post-op care. And the instantaneous results far exceeded my expectations!

Carol Hotubbee



I just recently had Lasik with Dr. Bernitsky’s office on 1/2/15, and I am amazed at how fast the transformation took place. I could see clearly after hours. I wish I would have done it sooner, and could had a glasses-free environment. Thank you again Dr. Bernitsky! Happy New Year!!!

April Lynch



I have worn contacts/glasses for over 30 years and had just accepted that my vision would never be perfect. Two optometrists had even told me that I could no longer wear contacts and should consider bifocal glasses. The reason I had never considered Lasik was that I was afraid of the procedure and the cost, or that I wouldn’t even be a candidate due to my high prescription. I will always be grateful for the day I called Dr. Bernitsky’s office. He and his entire staff were extremely kind and helpful with each step of the process. The procedure was explained in a manner that I felt comfortable before, during, and after. It is truly amazing how well I can see even three days after Lasik. I am extremely happy that I waited for the right doctor to perform my procedure. Thank you Dr. Bernitsky and your wonderful staff!

Tammy Porto



I had lasik last week. Dr. B is very organized and attentive. He even called to check on me the night of surgery. I highly recommend him for lasik.

Nathaniel Meisner



I had LASIK on both eyes with the Femto laser recently and I’m incredibly happy with the results. Dr. Bernitsky answered all of my questions and gave me all the information I needed. His staff was extremely friendly and reassuring. Although different people may experience side effects to varying degrees, I am extremely surprised at how fast and effortless my recovery was. I was seeing 20/20 the very next day and have had not pain or blurriness since my procedure. I would very readily recommend Bernitsky Vision for any procedure someone is considering.

Crina Floruta



I had lasik surgery last week and was very happy with the results. I could see immediately and did not have any issues following the procedure. I would recommend this to anyone.

Kim Carabajal



Dr. Bernitsky is top in his field and his team are exceptional care givers. I said goodbye to my contacts 10 years ago with Dr. Bs help. Last month I came back for a slight adjustment and now I see 20-15 and at 53, I no longer need reading glasses. Besides Dr. Bernitsky’s excellent record, he lives here. He called me the evening of surgery and saw me Saturday morning after surgery. Other LASIK surgeon fly in and out on surgery days. I don’t compromise on my health and my eye sight. Dr. “B” stands for “Best” in my book.

Mark Tobiassen



I had LASIK performed on both of my eyes on the 26th. A day later my eyes feel normal and when I did my follow up, my vision is perfect. A lot of reasons I picked Dr.Bernitsky. First his name kept coming up while I was researching the procedure. Second, I actually had gone to others and found that Dr. Bernitsky’s staff went the extra mile to ensure my eyes were a good candidate for the procedure. I am in Law Enforcement and I am very thankful I trusted Dr. Bernitsky with my eyes. I will be recommending Dr. Bernitsky to others.

Dennis Coulter



I am absolutely delighted with my recent experience with Dr. Bernitsky and his excellent staff. The Lasik procedure on both of my eyes went beautifully, the recovery was easy, and my vision is even better than I expected it to be as a result. I wish I had done this years ago! I highly recommend Dr. Bernitsky and his entourage.

Ann Gebhart



I work at a hospital and have high expectations for my staff and co-workers to give everyone they come in contact with respect and compassion and that is what I received at Dr. Bernitsky’s office. It’s a big step to let someone work on your eyes and everyone in the office made the experience a great one and I was able to see things I couldn’t without my glasses the same day I had my lasik procedure done.

Tonia Johnson



Normally, I don’t write reviews. But I wouldn’t trust my eyes to just anyone. I wanted the very best eye surgeon in ABQ with the latest technology. Dr. Bernitsky and his staff were very professional throughout the entire process of Lasik eye surgery. I would recommend them to anyone.

Kyle Pierre



I felt comfortable with Dr. Bernitsky’s practice from the moment I first stepped in the doors. I had been considering LASIK for many years but had never been confident enough to make the leap. Dr. Bernitsky and his staff were understanding of my fears and answered all of my questions. My procedure was amazingly fast and not nearly worth the nerves I had been feeling. The first thing I noticed upon leaving the procedure room, I could see my husband’s face clearly from across the room. LASIK with Dr. Bernitsky was a great experience and worth every penny.

Kristina Phares



Words come up short in truly describing how thrilled and thankful I am that I had Lasik surgery, and specifically with Dr. Bernitsky and his wonderful staff! I dealt with the general and severe discomfort of lenses, and the annoyance of glasses for 21 years. This procedure is THE BEST CHOICE I HAVE EVER MADE FOR MYSELF and my only wish is that I had done it sooner. My vision was 20/20 the next morning and the overall health of my eyes is the best it has ever been. Dr. B and his staff made me feel completely at ease from the beginning in determining my candidacy, to discussing my options and then educating me about my choice of Lasik. I learned a great deal and found the surgery to be a fascinating process. All along the way my questions were encouraged and answered, and before I knew it, I sat up in the chair and could clearly see my boyfriend on the other side of the glass (going in I couldn’t even tell if he was waving). I highly recommend Dr. Bernitsky, he is the best! 🙂

Marianne Jones



From the first step into the office, I was treated warmly and professionally. I felt completely comfortable. The various options were fully explained, and the staff took the time to answer all of my questions. Since having my lasik procedure, my eyesight is clear and vision is even better than I anticipated. I’ve had two follow-up appointments, and have been treated just as well as before the lasik procedure, whereas some friends who have gone elsewhere were surprised at the attention and care, all I can say is thank you for exceeding all of my expectations! I would recommend Dr. Bernitsky and his staff anytime! Thank you!

Dominick Zurlo



I had my LASIK surgery on May 14, 2014 2 weeks after taking out my last pair of contacts. I have worn some kind of vision correction for 43 years and it is so great to never worry about where they are. Such a fast procedure, not painful and now I haven’t needed reading glasses or very many drops. I am so happy that I finally got this done and went with Dr. B and his staff. Thanks so much!

Christine L.




When I went to my first visit I was not quite the ideal person for LASIK because I have dry eyes and from wearing contacts one of my eyes was a little missed shaped. Dr Bernitsky helped me become the perfect candidate for LASIK by eye drops and a few other things. He always kept me in good spirits and was very professional and kind. His staff was very nice and helpful. There was not a moment I felt uncomfortable. My husband is going to get it done soon. And through my recovery Dr. Bernitsky and his staff have been the same helpfulness and kindness calling to check in on me and making sure everything was going good with the recovery. Thanks for everything!

Christina Brogdon



From the initial visit to my follow up care visits, Dr. Bernitsky and his entire staff have been caring, professional and thorough. Each staff member I have come in contact with has been willing to answer questions and take care of my needs. I am extremely happy with the results of my PRK surgery and the care I have received.

Quindaro Frieder



“The level of professionalism is of the highest order, the procedure went flawless, and the attention to patient care post procedure is unmatched. I went for my post procedure checkup in Dec 2013, I had the Lasik procedure in September of 2012, and I knew my eye were still very much the same as the day I had the Lasik, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my eyes were still 20/15. (Thank you Dr. B) The vision that was achieved for my eyes, is what I would consider HD. If i could recommend one thing to improve someone’s quality of life ( those that wear corrective eyewear ) it would be to have this procedure. It has been the best thing I have ever spent money on…”




When I was 22 months old I began wearing glasses. I don’t remember not using glasses or contacts at any time in the last 68 years. I could not read, drive, tell time or recognize anyone without corrective lenses. In all those years I woke up one morning and could read the bedside clock and told my wife that a miracle had occurred. That is when the pain started… as I had forgotten to take my hard contact lenses out before I fell asleep.

The real miracle for me occurred when Dr. Bernitsky performed the Refractive Lens surgery for both of my eyes. It really is a miracle that I can see everything so clearly with such vivid color and sharpness. For eighteen years I have used mono-vision contact lenses (a lens for distance and one for close up like reading). The same mono-vision approach was used in my recent procedures, and things are working beautifully. I can see the bedside clock any time day or night. I still find myself wanting to take out my contact before I go to bed. I wish I had done this years ago.

Dr. Bernitsky and staff treated me with the upmost courteous and professional manner. I could not have asked for a better experience.

Jim Hawk



I’ve wanted to get LASIK for ten years but I always found an excuse to put it off. I just had it done last Friday and I could kick myself for waiting. Everyone at Bernitsky Vision was so helpful and friendly and good at what he or she did. They checked and rechecked and rechecked my prescription so that the vision correction would be just right. The actual surgery took about 5 minutes. After, I went home, slept for two hours and when I woke up, I could see. The next morning I hiked to Sandia Crest and saw in detail for the first time ever the aspens change color leaf by leaf. My vision now is better than it was with glasses or contact – 20/15 in both eyes. The facility was so clean and the staff so prepared. I would recommend Bernitsky Vision to anyone who asked.

Carmela Starace



I have been very pleased with the results of my lasik surgery. The staff at Dr. Bernitsky’s office are very professional–the entire experience was seamless and well-done. For a surgery that could have been very stressful and anxiety provoking (which includes for me anything having to do with eyes!) the entire experience was well-controlled and smooth. I have been very impressed and pleased.

Karen Rose



As a member of the medical community in Albuquerque, I knew that when it came time for vision correction surgery, Dr. Bernitsky was the clear choice. The level of efficiency and professionalism of his staff is unsurpassed, and he was an attentive, detail-oriented, and cordial surgeon. At 4 months out, my visual acuity is excellent, and I am very satisfied with my overall experience.

Nathan Henrie



I would like to thank Dr. Bernitsky and his staff for making my Cataract Surgery experience so positive and, quite frankly, effortless on my part. I have not experienced any discomfort or pain, and my vision is 20/20 for the first time in a long time. Thanks again for your professionalism, and friendly service throughout the process!!

Bruce Markham



I have worn glasses for 53 of my 59 years due to being farsighted with a stigmatism. My optometrist referred me to Dr. Bernitsky for s lens replacement. My surgery was done 2 weeks ago and a wonderful experience it was. Nervous, I was, but he and his staff were extremely kind and caring along with the utmost professionalism. What a joy it is to see without glasses, plus I will never get cataracts. Thank you, thank you Dr. Bernitsky and your staff.

Linda Nezzer



I have never been more happy with something in my life. My friends and family recommended Dr. Bernitsky, but I was still resistant to have surgery on my eyes at all. I work in health care, I’m only 22, I NEED MY EYES. I was and still am surprised at what a team the faculty at Bernitsky Vision is. Working in healthcare, I know that this is an essential part for fantastic outcomes. They were genuine, caring, sincere, gentle, inviting, intelligent, assertive, and most of all, not too pushy. If I didn’t want to go through with the procedure, they were understanding. All I can say is “Thank God I did!” Even if I had to pay it off for the rest of my life, it would be worth it (another plus- I’ll have it paid off by 2014). Thank you team at David A. Bernitsky Vision!!

Tessa Cockrell



Dr. Bernitsky and his staff are awesome. I had been wearing glasses and contacts for over 20 years. I wake up every morning and still can not believe that I can see. I love it. I would recommend anyone that is a candidate to have Lasik. Thanks Dr. Bernitsky and staff.

Helen Gutierrez



I strongly recommend Bernitsky Vision ad Dr. Bernitsky! I had cataract surgery and the entire experience from first visit to follow up was top notch! The staff is friendly and professional and nice and Dr. Bernitsky is great! I had no worries because everything was thoroughly discussed with me and the home care kit and info pack I got was very detailed. Also, I never waited more than 5 minutes in the waiting room (which is a miracle in itself!) The surgery was very good and the results spectacular. Thank you Bernitsky Vision.

Peggy Conger



My experience with Dr. Bernitsky and his staff was great. To begin with, when I told the office that I was interested in using my Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay for the surgery, the office advised me to wait to set aside the FSA funds until I was approved by Dr. Bernitsky as a good candidate for the surgery. That was very helpful advice, as I have never used FSA funds before, and had I not been accepted as a candidate, I would have just lost a few thousand dollars. I was approved, however. Then, on the day of my surgery, I showed up and felt well-informed of what to expect. The surgery went quickly and was painless. Right after the surgery, I opened my eyes and could see the clock on the wall, which was amazing because I’ve been wearing glasses for over 15 years and my contact prescription was -4.25 before the surgery. The next morning I was still painless and had 20/15 vision. Amazing. Thank you, Dr. Bernitsky!

Emilee Sena



I got my first pair of glasses in the 5th grade. I remember the feeling of awe when I looked at a tree and saw leaves. Over the years I have tried contacts and progressive lens when the contacts were no longer working. The last few years, I have been in a fight with light. Trying to grade my students papers was a nightmare. For some reason, I was having a very hard time reading their work in the evening. The light was wrong. They write too light. The paper is too reflective. The paper is too… yucky. I did not realize that I had cataracts. I went to see Dr. Bernitsky to see if I could have LASIK. Instead I had IOL and a miracle. I can see the leaves on the trees again. What a joy. Thank you, Dr. Bernitsky, and all of your staff.

Mae Thomas



“Dr. Bernitsky and his staff were awesome! I told them the main reason for this is that I’m applying for Law Enforcement. They really wanted me to be happy and successful with the freedom from contacts and glasses. They answered all my questions and concerns. They talked me through every step of the process without falter. I tell everyone I know about my new eyes, how affordable it is, and how there was no pain through the surgery at all! Thank you Dr. Bernitsky for your
passion for vision correction!”

Dwight N. Roberts



Good Morning,

I recently had my life changed for the good with Z Lasik Eye Surgery and I wanted to write and let you know of the OUTSTANDING experience I had.

I have had to wear glasses since third grade and immediately the “four eyes” jokes began, in eighth grade I got contacts which started a constant battle with drops, cases, solution etc., I have always dreamed to be able to see and for the past 3 days it’s been amazing!

My schedule was accommodated without hesitation and I was able to have my surgery on a day that Dr. Bernitsky normally does not do surgeries. Since my first visit in your office EVERYONE was so nice and always had a smile on their face. Every person I ran into acknowledged me with a smile or a “good morning”.

I work in a hotel and customer service is my job, I often over critique any restaurants, doctors’ offices, stores etc. and hold them to a very high standard of customer service, most places fail to pass my “test”. From previous experience a doctor’s office is the last place on earth I would expect excellent customer service but with my recent care you all have gone above and beyond and made my surgery more comfortable and relaxing than I could have ever imagined. Please give everyone who works so hard to change people’s lives a huge THANK YOU from me!

In my department alone there are 6 people wanting to have Lasik and I know exactly where I am going to send them!

Britni Lujan



I started wearing glasses when I was eight. By adulthood, my myopia and astigmatism were so bad that I absolutely could not function without glasses or contacts. I always hated wearing thick glasses, but over the years my contacts got harder and harder to tolerate.

I have been interested in LASIK for many years but always figured that my prescription would prevent me from being a candidate. When I went to Dr. Bernitsky for a free consultation, he confirmed what I had always assumed, that I was not a good candidate for LASIK. However, there was a silver lining: I was a good candidate for Visian ICL surgery to fix my myopia, and my astigmatism could be fixed with LASIK after my eyes healed from the ICL.

Three days ago I had my ICL surgery, and it has far exceeded my expectations. Twenty-four hours after my surgery I was seeing details I never saw with my glasses or contacts. These implantable lenses are so cool! I visited the Albuquerque Biopark one day after my surgery, and the texture and beauty of the flowers in the greenhouse moved me to tears. I have been staring at my husband of 10 years like I have never seen him before. I want to revisit every beautiful place I have ever been to see what I missed!

Dr. Bernitsky radiates a calm competence. I feel lucky to have benefited from his expertise. And Team Bernitsky is simply fabulous. Although I was terrified to have eye surgery, I knew I could put my trust in Dr. Bernitsky and his staff. I have experienced magic, an unfathomable, life-changing miracle, and I’m so excited! Thank you!
Sally Paez



Where to begin? I had always thought about getting LASIK because I hated wearing glasses and contacts were a bit of an inconvenience as well. I was a little skeptical and afraid, so I sent my husband to do it first. After being jealous of his new eyesight for about a year, it was finally my turn to get it done. I am SO happy with my results. I love being able to wake up in the mornings and see with my new eyes! Dr. Bernitsky is the BEST! Everything from the consultation to the procedure to the follow up appointment was great. Words can’t even begin to describe how pleased I am and how happy I am now. Thanks again Dr. B!
Annette Gallegos



Being a local surgeon, proximity to residence and other individuals testimonials; as well as the consultation visit made the choice easy. Initially we were looking at LASIK for our Son, which he had done last year and loves it. Then my wife, who always hated her progressive lens consulted Dr. B and was
given the option of Lens Replacement. She had no cataracts, but being in her 50’s, this is the option she went with. Last week as a new years’ present (2012) I also opted for Lens Replacement. Having had “coke bottle” lens/contacts for 50 years—OMG, I can see and comfortably, too !!! Although no bargain…cheap at half the price for all the care, concern and options afforded me and my family. My daughter is the only hold-out, because she says
“I like wearing glasses”. I believe we will sway her thinking soon. Great job Staff !!! and you too Dr. B. AND GO LOBOS !!!

Kenneth Callahan



I am so glad that I chose Dr. Bernitsky for my LASIK procedure. His staff were so professional and super nice. They answered all of my questions and made me comfortable with the entire experience. I am loving my new vision without glasses or contacts and I will and have recommended Dr. Bernitsky and his staff to my friends and Family! Thank you!
Melissa Ramirez



As an ophthalmologist I knew Dr Bernitsky to be an outstanding colleague. Last week I became his patient when he performed laser vision correction on me. Not only are my results outstanding, but the experience itself was top notch and patient-centered. I am grateful to everyone at this exceptional practice!
Linda Rose, MD PhD



To whom it may concern, my name is Robert Gonzales. I had eye Lasik surgery 5 years ago. I also had Intraocular Lens Replacement about a month ago done by Dr. Bernitsky. I am 65 years old, a veteran of the Viet-Nam war. I can’t remember my eyesight ever being this good even as a young man in the military, after the surgery done by Dr. Bernitsky.
I had other choices to have this surgery in other facilities (FOR FREE) and I chose Dr. Bernitsky. I highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to have the best possible vision.
Robert J. Gonzales



What an absolutely tremendous experience. The entire experience that I had with Dr. Bernitsky and his staff only confirmed the fact that I made the correct choice on choosing him to perform this procedure. Everyone involved was a total professional; they answered all questions that I had about pre and post op steps. I would go out of my way to recommend his office to anyone even considering corrective surgery.
Todd P.



I had been wearing glasses since I was 7 years old and gas permeable contacts since I was 12 because my eye sight was rapidly getting worse. I learned to live with painful eyes, not being able to see… I couldn’t even remember what it meant to see without some sort of corrective lens. I had always thought it would be nice to get lasik but the cost always seemed out of reach. Finally in 2007, when I was 28, my husband convinced me to go in for a consultation at Dr. Bernitsky’s office “just to see what they would say.” He didn’t like seeing me suffer through dust storms or fumbling for my glasses just to see what time it was in the middle of the night. They told me I wasn’t eligible for lasik but I was a candidate for the ICL. It sounded weird but it couldn’t be worse than sticking a contact to my eyeball everyday. Haha! They also put me in touch with a few other patients that had had the ICL surgery done and gave me plenty of resources. They encouraged me to research the procedure. I finally decided to go for it. On December 17, 2007, I
went in to have the surgery done. I won’t lie and say it wasn’t painful, though I think my tolerance isn’t very high. The pre-surgery procedures were hard to get through and my eyes and head throbbed afterwards but it went away after a good night’s sleep. I will never forget though, as I was walking in to the room looking at the clock on the wall and seeing nothing but a blur. Had I not already known it was a clock I wouldn’t have been able to recognize the blotches. When I came out, I looked up at that clock and I could actually see it! I started balling my eyes out. It was one of the most amazing things that have happened in my life. Funny, four years later and I still think to reach for glasses before I look at
my alarm clock in the middle of the night. Until I open my eyes and can see it clearer than I did with my glasses. Thank you, Dr. Bernitsky and your team. You have definitely improved my quality of life. Thank you!!

Amber A.



The staff are so welcoming and reassuring. Dr. B. really knows his
stuff. I truly appreciate his calm demeanor and patience. It’s wonderful to be able to see without glasses. Now I just need to stop reaching for my glasses.
Thanks so much!!
Judee Harrington



I just received Lasik last Friday and by Saturday morning I had 20/15 vision! What a life changing experience. Not having to wake up and hassle with contacts or glass is such a blessing. Thank you Dr. Bernitsky and staff for being so wonderful throughout the whole process!
Karah Williams



I have known Dave and his family for over twenty five years. His
reputation for eye surgery was A1. When it came time for my cararact surgery it was a no brainer to pick him. The surgery was safe and easy!!!! Dave, his wife (Gay), and his staff were fantastic. I now can read my stop watch and clip board clearly! My life is brighter now thanks to Dave!
Jim Ciccarello



At age 50 I elected to have the monovision enhancement. Things at a distance were blurry, while viewing close-up required reading glasses. Now I am enjoying the best of both worlds – I can see extended distances with extreme clarity using my dominant eye, while my non-dominant eye can now read the finest of print. Dr. Bernitsky and his staff are nothing less than incredible.
Bill Goodman



I can’t believe the way my eyesight changed within a single day! From the moment I came off of the operating chair, I could see a significant difference in my eyesight. The post-op period was nice and they gave me a chance to rest. Dr. B and his staff are magnificent and I would recommend them in a blink of an eye!
Christina Garcia



I can see!
Ricky Anderson



Got my LASIK procedure on Friday September 16th, and am so VERY happy with everything. It couldn’t have gone any better. I was seeing 20/15 the next day when I went in for a checkup, that is considering my eyes are still healing. Dr. Bernitsky and his staff are so helpful and the nicest people you will ever meet. They make you feel right at home. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks again Dr. Bernitsky.
Floyd Pena



After years of thinking about Lasik surgery I finally put fear behind me and on the recommendation of my regular eye doctor, Jerald Littlefield, I contacted Dr. Bernitsky. I had my procedure at the end of May and was amazed and delighted when, a few hours and a long nap later, I was able to clearly see my family gathered around the bed to check on me! A few days later I had what turned out to be nothing more than a severe allergy attack, and even though it was Memorial Day Monday Dr. Bernitsky met me at his office for an exam to rule out any possibility of infection. This was in my opinion above and beyond the call of duty! As many have said before me, my only regret is that I didn’t have Lasik sooner! Thank you Dr. Bernitsky and all of your fine staff!

Daniel Ellis-Green



I had Lasik preformed in another state 13 years ago. Afterwards one of my eyes was corrected to 20/20 but the other one was not quite as sharp. Over time, I realized that it was regressing further and that I needed to have a second procedure done.
As a photographer my vision is my livelihood and my dominant eye was the one that was not as sharp. I began relying on my camera to focus for me instead of using my eye, since the vision in this eye was not 20/20.

I had done some work for Dr. Bernitsky and I got the chance to know him and his family personally before I became a patient. When I made the decision to undergo a second procedure, I knew that Dr. Bernitsky would be the right surgeon for me. Dr. Bernitsky is very caring and took a lot of time to explain all of my options. He was very honest with what I could expect and what the second procedure would involve.

His Operating room is state of the art. I immediately felt comfortable on the day of the surgery and I knew I was in great hands. Afterwards, he even called my home that evening and spoke to my husband to make sure that I was comfortable and doing well.

I am thrilled with the results of my PRK procedure. Now, the eye that was operated on is better than 20/20! My photography has changed dramatically as a result and it is great to have perfect vision in both of my eyes.

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Bernitsky and all of the wonderful people who work in his office. I have been very, very happy. Having eye surgery with Dr. Bernitsky is one of the best things I have ever given myself!

Angela Gaeto



Almost 5 years ago I started working for Dr. Bernitsky and looking into the options of vision correction for myself. I had an average prescription but really thin corneas that didn’t make me a candidate for LASIK. When he told me that I almost started crying thinking this was the rest of my life! But there was a but, I was an excellent candidate for the ICL. For over 4 years I had to wait for my vision to stabilize so that I could have the surgery and it finally happened for me three weeks ago. Dr. Bernitsky has changed my life completely and I thank him and everyone that helped me for so many years not give up hope and keep trying. It was well worth the wait and I couldn’t be happier!!!

Rosey Swapp



I have anticipated receiving LASIK since my parents received it
thirteen years ago. For many, LASIK is one of the many benefits of modern
medicine, but to me it is a modern miracle. Just over a year ago, I was told that I was at risk of going blind from contact overwear. I was told that I would never be able to wear contacts again and would be condemned to glasses for the rest of my life. In the course of the year, I visited an opthamologist every two weeks. A month ago, it was recommended that I visit Bernitsky for a consultation. I expected him to tell me to come back in a year or two, but I was surprised to hear that I could have the procedure done in the next month. Today, I see better than I have ever been able to see. It means that I don’t have to wipe rain off my glasses or search for them in the morning with my eyes four inches away from the bedside table. It means that I can go for a run, and not have to worry about confusing a tree root with a rattlesnake.!

It gives me freedom to pursue an active life. I have Bernitsky and his team to
thank for this modern miracle. Thank you!

Katherine Wills



I had a wonderful visit! Dr. Bernitsky was great, he was very courteous and professional. I did not know I was even a good candidate for LASIK until I came into the office for a consultation.

I scheduled my surgery and had quite a few questions. Dr. Bernitsky was very helpful answering all of my questions. I would recommend his services to all of my coworkers & I believe I should have done this a long time ago!

Whitney Ballard



After having to reschedule my visit numerous times (my fault, not
theirs) I came in for my consult. I was impressed at how knowledgeable and professional the entire staff was.

Dr. Bernitsky met me and assured me that I was an excellent candidate for the Lasik procedure. He suggested I go with mono-vision to avoid having to use reading glasses in the future.

A couple of days later, I went in for my surgery. It was fast and painless. Dr. B called me at home that night to make sure I was doing well. I really appreciate that type of service.

Its only been three days since I had Lasik, and I’m still slowly getting used to having mono-vision, but it’s starting to work. I’m noticing the difference in my eyes less and less. I am astounded at the crispness and clarity of the vision in my right eye.

So far, I’m more than satisfied. After wearing glasses since I was 11, I feel unencumbered. I’m looking at the world as it was meant to be seen.

Thank you, Dr. Bernitsky and staff.

Mark Gould



The song I now sing is ( I can see clearly now the fog is gone) Really you and your staff are the best…We came up from Carlsbad and it was well worth the drive..I live in a small retirement comunity so cataract surgery is not new to us but your level of care (before during and after) was the best I have ever had. That being said the results are the best also. Thank you and your staff for all you did for me..I would be blind today if not for you and yours..Thanks again.

Jim Ward



Dr. B did the LASIK procedure on my wife’s eyes 12 years ago and to this day she is still 20/20. Nine and a quarter years ago I contracted shingles which penetrated the cornea of my left eye. There was only one choice for the doctor to perform a corneal transplant, Dr. Bernitsky. Since that time my vision has been excellent compared to the blindness I had in one eye. It came time for the final step in the reconstruction of my vision. On May 6th Dr. B. performed LASIK on the corneal transplant. He removed five diopters of post-keratoplasty astigmatism and hyperopia, thus restoring my previous 20/20 vision. I am eternally grateful for the care he has provided to our family, mother, sister and friends over that past 12 years. On top of the great care by him and his staff, today I had the ACH CRIVENS! (ref Nac Mac Feegle) moment by looking out into the bright of day, and seeing perfectly. In fact my other eye is jealous. There are many other benefits I have experienced in the past week that, unfortunately I have insufficient room to express. Suffice it to say, I trust my vision to no one else.

Adam S.



“I’ve been forced to wear glasses since I was in middle school. The idea of contacts just made me cringe. I’ve wanted to get Lasik for years but was always afraid of the idea of an operation. With the a vote of confidence from Rosie about Dr. B; I said lets do it. Its been four days since my procedure and now thanks to Dr. B, I am seeing the world the way it was meant to be seen; through perfect eyes. Thanks Dr. B, you made me see!!!!”
Aaron Schobel



It is amazing to see without glasses!! I’ve worn glasses since I was 6 years old, and could not tolerate contacts. I thought I was going to be buried in glasses. I thank God for giving Dr. Bernitsky the knowledge and talent to do what he does. The staff and Dr. Bernitsky were all very helpful and friendly. I have been recommending them to everyone that asks me about my experience. This is the best investment I have ever made.
Denise Garcia



I really had the BEST experience with Dr. Bernitsky and his entire
staff. Everyone in that office is amazing! I don’t have the words to express my thanks. From the minute I walked in the doors of the office everyone made me feel so comfortable and worry free. I would recommend Dr. B and his staff to everyone that is even thinking about LASIK surgery. When it comes to your eyes, go to the BEST!!! All my thanks to you Dr. Bernitsky!!!
Tamela Hebert



I had LASIK about 5 years ago and recently went in for a “touch up.” I can’t say enough about how my life has changed since these procedures! It’s fantastic to wake up and actually SEE! No contacts! No glasses! If anyone is “on the fence” about this, don’t hesitate. Dr. Bernitsky is the BEST and his staff is so very friendly and cheerful and helpful.
Thank you so much, Dr. Bernitsky!
Kay Wilson



I had my LASIK procedure performed a week ago on both eyes. I opted for “mono-vision” whereby one eye is focused upon distance and the other for near-vision. The doctor and the staff were very patient and answered all my questions. I am extremely pleased with the procedure as well as the results.
Mehnoor Khalil



It’s a whole new world! I’ve worn glasses full time since I was 6
years old, and contacts were never easy for me. To wake up in the night and see the clock, or shadows around the room is the most awesome thing! Dr. Bernitsky and his staff were extremely kind and very diligent in making sure I had all the information I needed to make my decision. During the procedure, which is incredibly fast, they were very reassuring and encouraging. For anyone considering Dr. Bertinisky, you will walk away completely satisfied and extremely happy!
Traci Homan



One of the best decisions I ever made for myself! Dr. Bernitsky and his staff truly changed my life for the better, I cannot say enough great things about my visits. The day after my surgery I could read 20/20 and most of the 20/15 line, my contacts at best couldn’t even give me 20/20 vision. Very pleasant and professional staff, I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience here, I recommend Bernitsky to anyone and everyone I meet. Thank you again Dr. B and staff!
Mark Wrolstad



WOW! I can not brag enough about Dr. Bernitsky, his staff, and his
facility. This was an amazing experience and more than I could have hoped for. I received Lasik surgery on 4/8/2011. I have never seen this well with my glasses or contacts. I would and have HIGHLY recommend this office for anyone considering Lasik.

Thank you Dr. Bernitsky and staff for the amazing experience you have given me!
Abby Tucker



Wow!! I have worn glasses and contacts since I was 5 years old. I had Lasik 3-4-11. I will remember this date for the rest of my life. This was the day I Got my eye miracle. I call this a miracle because God powerpacked all the stuff used for this technology and made Dr. Bernitsky to perform this miracle. Thank you God for using Dr. Bernitsky to change my life to see things the way they were meant to be seen. Thru no glasses or contacts, but just God made eyes!!

Dr. Bernitsky and his team are top notch people and treated me AWESOME!!!! Thank you!!!
Joe Gallegos



A dear friend recommended this office about 8 mos. ago but I declined the information as I’d had the heartbreak of not being a candidate for lasik 6 yrs ago and couldn’t bear another disappointment. I became more frustrated with my sight as the farsighted vision progressively caught up with my nearsightedness. It left me feeling blind most of the time. I decided to research this office and found Dr. Bernitsky offered more options than lasik. My consultation was a success, and he recommended refractive lens exchange because at 51 yrs it is a matter of time before cataracts form. All tests were done that day, and surgery scheduled- amazing! I now have one eye for distance and one eye for reading, and I cannot explain the difference this has made in my life. I have missed so much! Although, I knew Dr. had other surgeries, I felt as though I was his only patient! Everyone from front office to the tech’s are outstanding and excellent at making you feel special. There
is no way..I could be happier. Thank you Dr. Bernitsky and staff for changing my life.
Jonni Myers Brown



I’d been a long time contacts wearer and got tired of the use and
wanted to seek vision correction alternatives. Being farsighted and not a lasik candidate, I went in to see Dr. Bernitsky about the Clear Lens Exchange procedure. Best move I ever made.

Upon completion of the procedure, the “WOW” factor was immediate. I see better and clearer than I ever have.

First of all, I’d like to tell the farsighted people who are considering this procedure, I highly recommend it. Second of all, and most important, do yourself a favor and go in and see Dr. Bernitsky before you do anything. Dr. B, his staff and entire operation, from top to bottom, are the best.

Thank you for everything.
Carlos Ramirez



Suffice it to say, “Once I was blind, but now I see…!”
Dr. Bernitsky, you have, quite literally, opened my eyes to an entirely new world, a world without glasses or contacts…

From the moment I read your very kind reply to the question I’d sent to you on Facebook, little did I realize how my life was about to change…

I’d been told by various eye doctors that I was not a good candidate for Lasik to correct my presbyopia, a problem for which adequate correction was additionally precluded by the nearly 20-year-old Radial Keratotomy scars on my corneas.

I, so thankfully, decided to take Dr. Bernitsky up on his offer to come to his office for a free consultation. After my exam, which included numerous, detailed (pain-free!), tests on my eyes, Dr. Bernitsky and I discussed the best options for my particular needs. I was so excited, and I scheduled my surgery dates for Refractive Lens Exchange on both eyes, that very day!

Needless to say, my only regret is that I waited so long before I decided to contact Dr. Bernitsky on Facebook. I had been discouraged by the answers I’d received from other doctors; but not only had I heard wonderful things about Dr. Bernitsky by “word of mouth” around Albuquerque, but I was extremely impressed with his website, as well as the personal interest he demonstrated to each and every one of his individual patients who wrote to him online!

I am absolutely thrilled with my results, and my vision continues to improve daily. I am scheduled to see Dr. Bernitsky for a 3-week follow-up appointment on February 24th, and I fully expect that my vision will have improved greatly, (even from the approximately 20/25 correction that I tested, following the surgery on my second eye, on January 28, 2011.)

Dr. Bernitsky and his friendly, professional staff, have revolutionized my life, and I will forever be indebted and grateful to them all. I highly recommend Dr. Bernitsky, with absolutely no hesitation or reservations, to family, friends, and anyone who would like to live a life, free from the daily hassles of glasses and/or contact lenses.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Bernitsky!

With deepest gratitude,
Kimberly M. Lang



Back to work today after having LASIK on Friday! I have to say, I am completely amazed! Less than 24 hours after surgery I was seeing 20/15 and even read a few letters from the 20/10 line! Dr. B said it would even get better. I can’t imagine it getting any better than this!

I also would like to express how impressed I am with Dr. B and his entire staff. Everyone is friendly and professional and truly cares. You can definitely tell that the patient is at the top of their core values as a business! I visited other local providers prior to surgery, and Dr. B and his team impressed me the most! I actually met with him at every visit, which surprised me since I was told at other places that I would only meet the doctor the day of the procedure, and he called me personally to see how I was feeling after the surgery.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience! I cannot express this enough!
Tiffany Avery



I had lasik vision correction done on 1/28/11. I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made! After extensively researching my options and hearing wonderful things first-hand about Dr. Bernitsky, I knew I was in good hands. My eyes are feeling better every day and my vision is great. I am finally glasses-free for the first time in 27 years.
Loretta Ortega


I have had 2 cataract surgeries performed by Dr. Bernitsky and can’t tell you how wonderful my experiences were. They are the greatest! Everything is presented so well concerning finances, surgery, surgical center, meds, and post op. Thank you for my new vision! I will always be grateful to you and your staff! Thank you Dr. B
Dana Kelley


I had LASIK with monovision and I am so happy I finally did it! Everybody at Dr. B’s office was extremely helpful and so nice. I highly recommend anybody thinking about LASIK to have it done with Dr. B and his amazing staff. I look forward to the fact that I don’t have to wear glasses or contacts anymore. Thank you all so much!!
Joey Martinez


Everything about Dr. Bernitsky’s office and staff just makes you feel reassured that you are in competent, expert hands. Every detail is anticipated and addressed. My cataract surgery went very well. I was comfortable at all times, and the follow-up was excellent. It was a positive experience, all the way. Most important my vision is restored. I would highly recommend Dr. Bernitsky!
Jeanne Stewart


I LOVE my new eyes! Even with contacts, I never saw things as clearly as I do today, and it’s only been 3 days since my surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Bernitsky to anyone who would like to get rid of their glasses or contacts forever. He and his staff have been extremely professional and courteous during every visit I’ve had with them.

I am anxious to do my regular activities without the hassle of contacts anymore.

Susan Earl


Dr. B and his staff are amazing.  Very warm, welcoming, and efficient.   My son thought it might be too expensive, but I responded, “What is your vision worth?” For me, this is the best investment I have ever made.  The procedure was so quick and painless.  I don’t know why I waited so long. My family laughs at me because of my comments like,”I can see that license plate, and the leaves, and that sign-WITHOUT contacts!!!”
Christy Sena


I had a cataract procedure to remove both cataracts done by Dr. Bernitsky with excellent results! I now have 20/15 in both eyes without any correction! Dr. Bernitsky and his staff are the best! Thanks again!
Gene Berghaus

I had the intralase procedure done by Dr.Bernitsky about 5 years ago with excellent results!!!! I could not be happier!!! I had been wearing glasses and contacts since I was eight years old and was ‘legally’ blind. NOW I have 20/15 in both eyes without any correction — even after 5 years!!! It by far was one of the best things I have done for myself. I live in Phoenix, AZ and refer patients to Dr. Bernitsky as it is well worth the trip. I have several friends that have had the lasik procedure done locally with not so good results. It really does make a difference who you go to! Thank you Dr. Bernitsky and staff. I really can’t thank you enough!
Carol Wayne Sullivan


Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent surgery. I’ve been post-op for about 16 months now and feeling great. Last weekend I competed at the 2009 Guts National Championship and not only was I on the winning team, but I was voted MVP. The game involves catching a frisbee thrown at speeds of up to 85 mph with one hand. Needless to say, sharp vision is key.

Thanks again for helping me to get in top form.
Keenan Jackson


Roughly fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with Keratoconus, a degenerative disease that compromises the structure of the cornea. In very advanced stages, corneal transplant surgery is the only option; this is the point at which I came to see Dr. Bernitsky after many encouraging stories from other patients of his. I’ve spent countless hours in many different ophthalmology offices in the city over the years, from independent practitioners to “major label” vision centers. None of them can compare to the level of individualized, professional, and quality care that Dr. Bernitsky and his staff have to offer.

I’ve interacted with nearly everyone on the team, and I assert that every member does a better, friendlier, and more professional job than any of the competition’s counterparts without exception. Office pleasantries are important, but for me the ultimate criteria I consider in choosing a doctor are his levels of technology, experience, and skill. I’m convinced that Dr. Bernitsky has it all in spades.

Where the equipment in other offices and hospitals were totally unable to produce a simple 2D topography map of my old, severely warped cornea, the tools in-house at Dr. Bernitsky’s office can create a fully 3D virtual model of the eye surface in (literally) seconds that can be rotated on any axis for a view of my eye I’d never seen before.

As for Dr. Bernitsky’s skill, I can only offer my personal experience: my Pre-Op consultations, transplant surgery, and recovery have all exceeded my most optimistic expectations, and I am thrilled about having a working right eye for the first time in many years. In summary, you can waste your time like I did migrating from doctor to doctor looking for the best-in-class, or just cut to the chase and go see Bernitsky.
Jason Springer


PRK after RK works! I had RK 13 years ago and had PRK in January 2009. What a success! It did take a bit longer to recover than it would have without previous RK, but so worth it. My last check up was 20/20 in both eyes, and actually closer to 20/15. Very pleased with the outcome and the extremely professional service!
Virginia Candelaria-Martinez


What a great experience! Everyone was friendly and professional. I had Monovision done. I can read and glance up at the TV with no problems now! Before the surgery that meant taking off the contacts to read, then putting on my glasses to get around the house! I don’t know why I waited so long! – Kelly Smith


Words can’t explain how I feel about the surgery. I can see again without glasses or contacts. Dr. Bernitsky and staff were so pleasant and very professional. I can’t thank them enough. My eyesight is better now after the surgery than I could ever have expected. Professional, kind, and courteous are three words that come to mind when thinking of the staff and Dr. Bernitsky. Thank you all so very much.
Ricco Carrasco


My first visit was such a pleasant experience, the staff was patient and knowledgeable with all of the questions that I had and Dr. Bernitsky spent so much time with me, that my choice was clear, this was the office and the doctor that I would trust my eye sight to. Having a blind child, I have been to many eye doctors and have never felt cared for in a way that I was cared for in Dr. Bernitsky’s office.  The staff is friendly and my wait times have been brief. I have talked to many people and the only eye doctor I would ever recommend for Lasik or general eye health would be Dr. Bernitsky. – Michelle Sena


I was nervous, scared, worried and excited all at the same time! Dr B’s staff made me feel so relaxed so quickly. They answered all of my questions as well as shared information with me that I hadn’t even thought to ask..an awesome commitment to customer service that you don’t see much anymore. The results have teen so spectacular, I have worn glasses/contacts since 7th grade and STILL cannot believe it when I wake up in the morning and can see. What a fabulous gift you have given me. Thank You All! – Becky Scheffler


This is so amazing. I can’t believe how great it is to wake up in the morning and just see without having to go put my contacts in. This will be the first year I’ll get to go hunting without having to worry about my contacts. My wife is coming in next. She’s sick of hearing about how good my vision is. I can’t thank all of you enough for everything. It’s better than I ever expected. – Alex Robles


The entire office team is fun to be with. They care about what they do…The pre-operative process was more involved than I expected. It was very thorough, with careful measurements and all my questions were answered about the actual procedure. The surgery was painless and actually quite fascinating. The next day was wonderful. I still cannot get used to not wearing my one contact. It’s great, it’s a better life! – Charlie Wilkinson


A truly first class experience from a professional organization! From beginning to end, all of my questions and concerns regarding my Lasik procedure were eagerly addressed by the knowledgable staff. I was concerned about an upcoming golf trip that was scheduled to begin two days after the surgery. This concern was very unnecessary as I experienced crystal clear vision the very next day. I even made a hole-in-one with the corrected vision just a couple of weeks later! Wish I would have met Dr. Bernitsky years ago! – Brandon Keyser