ICLThe Staar Visian ICL (an abbreviation for Implantable Contact Lens) received FDA approval in the U.S. in 2005. This collamer lens is intended to correct nearsightedness in patients who are not good candidates for LASIK for a variety of reasons including thin corneas, very high corrections, excessive dry eye, irregular corneas, or for those who simply prefer a reversible procedure.

More than 300,000 ICL’s have been implanted world wide, and that number grows every day.

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The lens is made of a highly biocompatible material called collamer, and is placed inside the eye just behind the iris. The Visian ICL is well tolerated and cannot be seen or felt once placed. The lens can correct a large range of nearsightedness without the destruction or removal of corneal tissue. The ICL is a small, foldable, injectable lens which can be placed through a very small, 3 mm incision that does not require stitches.

Should the need arise, the lens can be removed and replaced, or another procedure can be done. In this sense it is a reversible vision correction procedure. Glasses and contact lenses can still be worn after placement of the ICL lens.

While the Staar Visian ICL lens is relatively new to the US, lens implant surgery is not.

Dr. Bernitsky has long-standing experience with lens placement surgery in Albuquerque, including thousands of cataract surgeries with intraocular lens placements. He is the only certified ICL surgeon in New Mexico, and was awarded the Staar Visian “Center of Excellence” designation in 2006 – the only such center in New Mexico. Dr. Bernitsky was recently awarded the prestigious “Top 100 Visian ICL Surgeon” recognition.

The ICL offers yet another excellent LASIK alternative. While LASIK is a wonderful procedure for many people, it’s not best for everyone. Most of the complications of LASIK simply cannot occur with the ICL. There is no permanent change in the shape of the cornea, no increase in dry eye, no thinning of the cornea, and no risk of ectasia.

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