LASIK eye surgery provides immediate vision correction with minimal down time. Most patients return to their normal activities the following day. However, to maintain your results and eye health, there are some guidelines for post-operative care.

The Do’s and Don’ts

Although the LASIK procedure is minimally invasive and virtually pain-free, you do need to baby your eyes for some time following treatment. To protect your eyes, do:

  • Use the antibiotic and steroid eye drops Dr. Bernitsky prescribes for a full week following LASIK eye surgery
  • Use artificial tears to keep your eyes well lubricated for a full two to three months following LASIK treatment
  • Wear sunglasses any time you are in the sun (The use of sunglasses is highly recommended whether you have LASIK or not. Studies indicate there may be a link between UV exposure and both cataracts and macular degeneration.)

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It is essential to your eye health that you prevent any foreign objects from entering your eyes following LASIK vision correction surgery, so we recommend that you do not:

  • Swim underwater for at least two weeks following your LASIK eye surgery
  • Rub your eyes for at least two weeks following LASIK treatment (if allergies are a problem, talk to Dr. Bernitsky about relief for itchy eyes)

For any activity that presents the risk of getting dust or dirt in your eyes, we recommend that you wear protective eyewear.

Find Out More about Albuquerque LASIK Eye Surgery

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