Laser eye surgery (LASIK) is an excellent vision correction option for millions of people, but it is not for everyone. Those who are not good candidates for LASIK procedures still have options, including refractive lens replacement surgery.

What is Refractive Lens Replacement Surgery?

The eye’s natural lens (behind the cornea) is a refractive lens because it bends (refracts) light to a focal point on the retina—the eye tissue with photoreceptors. For a number of reasons, the natural lens may not refract light properly, resulting in the loss of vision acuity. Refractive lens replacement surgery entails replacing the eye’s natural lens with a biocompatible intraocular lens (IOL) that refracts light correctly, resulting in improved vision.

Essentially, refractive lens replacement surgery is the same procedure used to restore the natural lens removed during cataract surgery.

Why Consider Refractive Lens Replacement Surgery?

Refractive lens replacement surgery may be a better option than LASIK for vision correction if a cataract is already beginning to form on the lens. (Early stages of cataracts may not be noticeable, especially if you already wear corrective lenses.)

Refractive lens replacement surgery may also be an option for those with vision issues that LASIK is statistically less successful at correcting, such as high degrees of farsightedness or presbyopia.

Where to Get Refractive Lens Replacement Surgery in Albuquerque

In Albuquerque, you can get refractive lens replacement surgery at the same place you would trust to perform LASIK—Bernitsky Vision. Dr. David Bernitsky is a board-certified ophthalmologist with more than 30 years of experience. He stays on the cutting-edge of  vision correction procedures, invests in  advanced equipment and applies his expertise to all types of laser-assisted procedures, including refractive lens replacement.

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