Patients who are not good candidates for LASIK eye surgery have other vision correction options. Refractive lens replacement surgery can offer many of the same advantages of laser eye surgery.

Advantage: Better Vision Correction

Lens replacement surgery can do more than improve vision impaired by cataracts. Advances in technology and materials allow lens replacement to offer:

The vision correction achieved by lens replacement allows many people to resume activities that poor sight had forced them to give up, including night driving.

Advantage: No-Hassle Vision Correction

For many patients, lens replacement surgery may eliminate the need for glasses and contacts…and that means freedom from the care of those types of lenses. No more daily cleaning and soaking or worries that your glasses may be scratched, bent or broken.

The Advantage of Lens Replacement at Bernitsky Vision

When you choose Dr. David Bernitsky to perform your refractive lens replacement surgery, you get the advantage of more than 30 years of experience and the most advanced technology. Dr. Bernitsky is one of New Mexico’s leading eye surgeons. He is committed to providing patients the best care and best possible vision outcomes.

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