Dr. Bernitsky of Bernitsky Vision in Albuquerque has always been committed to offering the newest, safest, and most effective technology to his patients. Laser eye surgery technology is developing rapidly, and we are proud to be leaders in blade-free, all-laser LASIK technology in Albuquerque.

We were the first vision correction facility to perform all-laser surgeries. Today, we offer our blade-free surgery with the state-of-the-art Ziemer Z4 FemtoLDV laser.

What is Z-Lasik?

Z-LASIK is blade-free vision correction. It utilizes lasers for every aspect of eye surgery, from creating the corneal flap to reshaping the cornea. It gets its name from Ziemer, the Swiss manufacturer who produces the high-quality femtosecond lasers used for the procedure. Bernitsky Vision utilizes the newest, most technologically advanced Ziemer laser currently on the market – the Ziemer LDV Z4.

Benefits of Bladeless Vision Correction

There are many benefits to blade-free vision correction. Z-LASIK is safer and more precise than older procedures, which use a mechanical blade for the initial incision. Z-LASIK minimizes variation between procedures and ensures that every patient receives top-quality results.

The Ziemer Z4 laser is the best in the market because it is faster, more powerful and more precise than any other femtosecond laser. This means shorter procedure times and faster visual recovery.  In New Mexico the Ziemer Z4 can be found exclusively at Bernitsky Vision.

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