Monovision LASIK

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Albuquerque Monovision LASIK

Vision correction for aging eyes (presbyopia) can be challenging because the acuity of both near and distance vision needs improvement. But monovision LASIK surgery can correct both, and one of the top Albuquerque LASIK eye surgeons, Dr. Chan, offers this vision correction option.

What is Monovision?

Monovision is the name for the practice of correcting one eye (usually your dominant eye) to focus at a distance and one eye (your nondominant eye) to focus close up. Through neuroadaptation, your brain learns to automatically focus through the eye corrected for the appropriate focal distance. Soon, the focal adjustment is automatic and your eyes work together as a team, so you do not even notice that you see things differently with each eye. Essentially, monovision is a permanent replacement for bifocals or reading glasses.

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Monovision LASIK procedure

Monovision is done the same way as all LASIK procedures—a corneal flap is created and an excimer laser is used to reshape the underlying corneal tissue. The difference is that during laser eye surgery for monovision, the eye that is to be your reading eye will be intentionally under-corrected to leave it mildly nearsighted.

Monovision Laser Eye Surgery in Albuquerque, New Mexico

If you are over 40 and starting to notice changes in vision that require you to move objects farther away in order to see them more clearly or if you have started wearing reading glasses to see up close, you may be experiencing early signs of presbyopia. Monovision may be an ideal vision correction option for you. Contact Dr. Patrick Chan at Bernitsky Vision to schedule a consultation and try monovision for yourself.