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Free LASIK Consultation at Bernitsky vision in Albuquerque

LASIK vision correction surgery has helped millions of people achieve great vision, and it may be the best permanent vision correction procedure for you. To find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure, you will need to schedule a free LASIK consultation with Dr. Chang.

What to Expect at Your LASIK Consultation
LASIK consultation appointments are usually one to one and a half hours and include:

A comprehensive eye exam

The eye exam for LASIK evaluation is much more thorough than your annual eye exam with your optometrist. In addition to assessing your vision correction prescription and eye health, Dr. Chang will also:

  • Measure your corneal thickness
  • Measure the anterior chamber (area between the cornea and iris) depth
  • Evaluate tear production and function
  • Detect cataracts (if any)
  • Do sophisticated mapping and wavefront mapping of your corneas

This eye exam does require pupil dilation. If you have been wearing contact lenses, a second consultation appointment may be necessary.

A discussion of your vision correction options

Based on the information gathered during your eye exam, Dr. Chang will determine if LASIK is the best vision correction option for you. If you are not an ideal candidate for LASIK, he may suggest other vision correction options.

If LASIK is the best vision correction option, you may schedule your surgery date at the time of your consultation. You may also talk to us about options to cover the cost of LASIK surgery. However, there is no rush. We typically schedule procedures two to three weeks in advance and perform most LASIK, ICL and RLE surgeries on Fridays.

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