LASIK eye surgery is a method of vision correction that can improve myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, eliminating or reducing the need for glasses and contacts. It works by reshaping the collagen in the cornea, using remarkably accurate lasers.  The reshaping redirect lights so that it focuses on the retina resulting in the very best vision possible

At Bernitsky Vision of Albuquerque, we offer LASIK done entirely with lasers. This Z-LASIK procedure is safer and more effective than any other corrective eye surgery, and we utilize the most advanced technology available to complete it.

What is Z-LASIK?

Z-LASIK is eye surgery performed entirely by lasers. In older forms of LASIK, the initial step was carried out by hand using a mechanical blade.  Z-LASIK uses the energy of a femtosecond laser to create microscopic air bubbles between the skin surface and the collagen layer in the cornea.  The air pocket thus created gently lifts the outer skin surface to expose the collagen without a blade.

At Bernitsky Vision, our eye surgeries are performed with a Ziemer Z4 femtosecond laser, the most advanced technology currently available.

Benefits of Z-LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK is already a very safe and effective surgery, and the added precision of the Ziemer Z4 makes it even safer and more accurate:

  • Eliminating the mechanical blade removes 95% of all risks associated with traditional LASIK.
  • The Z4 emits less energy than other femtosecond lasers, reducing or eliminating side effects like light sensitivity and inflammation.
  • The point size of the laser is smaller than other eye surgery lasers, making the treatment more accurate.
  • The Z4 has a higher pulse repetition, making it faster and reducing overall procedure times.

Our blade-free technology allows you to enjoy the benefits of LASIK with minimal risk and discomfort. You will experience improvements in vision within hours and be able to resume normal activity within a day of the procedure.

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