Bernitsky Vision of Albuquerque, NM offers bladeless vision correction surgery utilizing the most accurate and safest state-of-the-art surgical lasers on the market. Dr. Bernitsky is committed to providing top-quality care and stays abreast of technological advancements to ensure we offer the most effective treatments to our patients.

Z-LASIK Technology

Z-LASIK is blade-free laser eye surgery. It’s named for Ziemer, a Swiss laser company that creates the top femtosecond lasers in the industry. In our office, we use the technologically advanced Ziemer Z4, the fastest and most precise laser currently available on the market for LASIK eye surgery procedures.

The advanced technology in the Z4, in conjunction with the Visx Star S4 laser system, offers several benefits for patients:

  • The Visx Star S4 laser is equipped with tracking technology that can monitor microscopic movements of your eye. The computer will adjust accordingly, ensuring that your treatment remain precise even if your eye moves during the procedure.
  • The Z4 has a lower pulse rate than other lasers, using significantly less energy. This reduces side effects like light sensitivity and inflammation that can occur with older LASIK eye surgery technology.
  • The spot size of the Ziemer is smaller than competing lasers, resulting in more accurate corrections.
  • The laser has a much higher pulse rate than the competition, reducing procedure time.

Modern technology allows LASIK to be even safer, faster and more precise than ever before.

Is LASIK Eye Surgery Right for You?

The LASIK eye surgery of today is very different than it was a decade or even just a few years ago. If you have been curious about LASIK, there has never been a better time to have the procedure done.

If you’re not sure whether Z-LASIK is right for you, contact Dr. Bernitsky today to schedule a free consultation.

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