The StaarVisian ICL (implantable contact lens) allows you to live a life free from the inconvenience, cost and risk of eye injury that results from chronic long term contact lens wear.  The advanced technology of the Visian ICL (implantable contact lens) provides what is often described as “high definition vision”, but it has other advantages as well.

ICL Surgery

The Visian implantable contact lenses provide vision correction results as good as or better than LASIK, but unlike LASIK, no tissue is removed during ICL surgery. The cornea is left intact, and ICL surgery is reversible—the contact lenses can be removed should there ever be a need. This keeps other LASIK alternitives a possibility in the event that your vision or eye health changes in the future.

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ICL Technology

Dr. Bernitsky was the first New Mexico surgeon certified to use the StaarVisian ICL. It is the only implantable collamer lens currently approved in the US.  This implantable contact lens is derived from collagen, a naturally-synthesized protein, so it is biocompatible. Patients who have contact lens implants do not see or feel them.

The StaarVisian ICL also provides UV protection not available from LASIK.

ICL Candidates

ICL surgery is a vision correction option for many people who are not ideal LASIK candidates. Implantable contact lenses are viable for people with:

  • Thin or irregular-shaped corneas
  • Dry eyes
  • Severe myopia
  • A preference for a reversible procedure

Dr. Bernitsky will determine if ICL surgery is an option for your vision correction when you come in for a thorough exam and consultation.

ICL Surgery in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dr. Bernitsky has over 25 years of experience with the full spectrum of vision correction procedures and was the first New Mexico LASIK surgeon certified to use the StaarVisian ICL in 2005.  He has performed several hundred contact lens implants and was recently awarded the designation of “Top 100 Visian ICL Surgeons” in the U.S. To explore options beyond LASIK, contact Dr. David Bernitsky at Bernitsky Vision to schedule a consultation.