When you are considering eye surgery to correct your vision, it is important to take the time necessary to find the Albuquerque LASIK doctor who will be able to address your vision care needs in the way that is best for you. While many people immediately think of LASIK eye surgery when considering how to become less dependent on glasses, few people realize that LASIK is only one of the options available to them—and not everyone is a candidate for LASIK.

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When choosing a doctor there are lots of things to think about:

First of all, does the Doctor live near you? Will he/she be there to take care of you before, during and after the surgery?

Some of the big corporate LASIK centers have doctors who change frequently, live sometimes thousands of miles away, and don’t have a real investment in your community, or the success of your vision correction.

Secondly, does the eye doctor offer a variety of vision correction options?

A “LASIK only” center may have a tendency to recommend LASIK in situations where another option or LASIK alternative might really be safer or more appropriate.

Thirdly, what kind of technology does the doctor offer?

LASIK and other vision correction procedures are very technology-driven surgeries. Physicians who are truly committed to providing their patients the very best outcomes will keep up with technology improvements. At Bernitsky Vision, we perform our LASIK procedures with the WaveLight Refractive Suite, which combines the FS200 Femtosecond Laser and the EX500 Excimer lasers. In addition to LASIK, we also provide advanced alternative vision correction procedures including PRK, ICL, and Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) to help offer customized vision to patients with different visual needs.

Finally, make you sure you talk to the surgeon before you have your eye surgery.

Ask the questions that have come up while doing your research, or during the evaluation. Make sure your questions are answered to your satisfaction. Don’t be afraid to ask about experience and training, risks and complications, and alternative treatments. Having this knowledge is imperative to making informed decisions about how best to proceed with correcting your vision. After all, these are your eyes we’re talking about!

Dr. David Bernitsky is a native New Mexican who lives, works and gives in your community. He has provided exceptional eye care and a broad range of vision correction alternatives to New Mexicans for more than 20 years. He has always been committed to using the most advanced technology available, including the WaveLight Refractive Suite, implantable contact lenses (ICLs), refractive lens exchange (RLE) and cataract surgery in Albuquerque. Dr. Bernitsky has the resources and skill to provide you with the vision correction solution that is best for you and your eyes.

When you entrust your vision to Dr. Bernitsky you’ll see from the moment you walk in the door that his motto “Our Focus is You” is carried through in everything he does—from his new state-of-the-art facility to the patient-centered personal care that you’ll receive at every visit.