What they didn’t tell me about $299 LASIK

When a new corporate LASIK center moved into New Mexico this summer it fired the flames of a crazy “price war” on the airwaves.  It started with “LASIK for $999 if you come in this week”, and has recently deteriorated to cries of “LASIK for $299” and even “LASIK starting as low as $249”.   Having provided LASIK to New Mexicans for nearly 20 years, I know that it is not economically possible to provide LASIK at that price, and in addition, I’ve had several patients come in complaining that when they went in for the “$299 LASIK”, the real price was as much as 10X what was advertised.  This prompted me to do a little research.

I went to the websites of the ‘Bargain Basement’ centers, and after lengthy searching, found the disclaimers.  What I discovered in reading the fine print (now required since the corporate LASIK centers were sued by the FTC for false advertising) is that virtually no one qualifies for the price advertised in giant sized font on the website, or in radio commercials.  In fact, the actual price may be as much as 10X the advertised price, and is often well above community average prices.

I noticed that the ads never give specifics about what technology is used, what kind of follow-up care is provided, and who will be seeing you when you go to their facilities.  Are you getting a 2004 laser in 2014?  Do you meet the surgeon before the surgery?  Does he or she even live in the state where you’re having your surgery?  What’s included in the price? Who will take care of you down the road?   In virtually every instance the “too good to be true” price is simply a bait-and-switch.  When you get down to the actual cost, you’ll be charged extra for upgraded technology, follow-up care, medications, and more.  Suddenly that $299 LASIK is as much as $2100 or more, and you’ll still never know your Doctor.

In New Mexico, the LASIK facilities that advertise ‘cheap LASIK’ all have  a 1-800 number – that should be your first clue!  The doctors at the corporate  LASIK offices don’t live in the state, and disavow responsibility for your care the moment they get on the plane and fly home.

Bernitsky Vision is different.  Dr. Bernitsky lives, works, and gives in New Mexico.  He’s a Johns Hopkins trained, New Mexico native.  He’s provided quality care to New Mexicans for more than 25 years, and he’ll be here to care for you before, during and after your surgery, and in the years to come.  We charge fair and reasonable prices for surgery, and any price we quote you is accurate and complete.  There are no ‘add-ons’ or surcharges after you come in.  We offer the safest, most accurate technology available, and we offer the full-spectrum of vision correction options, because LASIK isn’t the best procedure for everyone.

Stop and think about it for just a moment.  Would you really want $299 LASIK for your eyes? That would be equivalent to going bargain shopping for your brain surgery!  Aren’t your eyes more important to you than that?

If you’re thinking about vision correction, and you want an experienced, reputable doctor who is local, you want your choices to be comprehensive, and the pricing to be clear and all-inclusive, see the Doctor you trust.  Dr. David Bernitsky.

Better Vision, Better Life at Bernitsky Vision.