LASIK is undoubtedly a technology-driven surgery, and continuous improvements in LASIK technology have made it not only the most commonly performed elective procedure in America but also the safest.

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Dr. Bernitsky has been at the forefront of technological improvements in LASIK from the get-go.  He was the first Albuquerque LASIK surgeon to offer the improved precision of a tracking laser, the first to offer the increased accuracy of a flying spot laser, and the first to bring the improved safety of blade-free LASIK (Intralase)  to our state.

Intralase was the first blade-free LASIK approved in the US and was first introduced in New Mexico by Dr. Bernitsky.  All-laser bladeless LASIK offers increased efficiency so treatment is more accurate and will result in more rapid visual recovery with fewer side effects.

This newest advancement in LASIK technology is available to New Mexicans exclusively through Dr. Bernitsky, your Albuquerque LASIK Doctor.

LASIK technology not only makes the LASIK procedure more precise but makes the procedure available to more people. People who were not considered good candidates for LASIK surgery with the older technology may now be considered for LASIK. For example, individuals with thin corneas may now be able to have the procedure done with LASIK as it allows the doctor to create an ultra-precise corneal flap. Only a qualified eye doctor can tell you if LASIK is good for you after a comprehensive eye evaluation.

As LASIK eye surgery continues to evolve, Dr. Bernitsky continues to provide New Mexicans with the latest advancements in vision correction surgeries.