Until 2002, all LASIK eye surgeries required the use of a blade to create a corneal flap, allowing access to the underlying collagen of the cornea. Over the past decade, technological advancements have allowed for blade-free surgeries using femtosecond lasers to make that initial incision, so that YOU can have the safest, most accurate vision correction possible.

Bernitsky Vision of Albuquerque is the only New Mexico facility using ­­­­­­­Ziemer Z4, the most advanced Femto surgical laser, for its blade-free all-laser procedures.

Why Choose Bladeless LASIK with Ziemer Z4?

Blade-free all-laser LASIK offers many of advantages over traditional eye surgery:

  • Shorter procedure time
  • All-Laser LASIK using the Ziemer Z4 is faster than traditional bladed LASIK and even faster than other femotsecond lasers, resulting in a more pleasant patient experience for you!
  • Faster visual recovery

LASIK has always been associated with fast recovery times. Thanks to the heightened precision of Z-LASIK, this is further improved. You can expect better quality of vision within hours of the procedure.

  • Greater safety

The Ziemer Z4 laser is more precise than even the deftest surgeon’s hand, eliminating many of the small risks associated with traditional surgery. Additionally, this new and efficient laser technology utilizes less energy than older femtosecond lasers, so side effects like light sensitivity and inflammation are virtually eliminated.

  • More effective

The precision of blade-free all-laser LASIK provides Dr. Bernitsky with a greater range of correction potential, including patients with thin corneas who may not have been good candidates for traditional bladed methods.

Blade-free LASIK with Ziemer Z4 technology is the safest procedure of its kind, providing better accuracy, precision and results with minimal downtime for you.

LASIK Eye Surgery Options in Albuquerque, NM

Bernitsky Vision offers multiple corrective eye surgery options, depending on your unique situation and needs. Schedule a consultation today to learn whether Z-LASIK is right for you. We will discuss your options and determine the best treatment plan for your eyes and budget.

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