LASIK has been an FDA-approved vision correction surgery since 1999. Since its approval, LASIK technology has continued to advance to provide better visual acuity, decreased healing time and diminished risk of infection or complication. Bernitsky Vision has also continued to offer the most advanced LASIK technology to achieve the best vision correction results possible.

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The first step to the LASIK vision correction procedure is creation of the corneal flap. This first step can be done with a bladed microkeratome or with a completely blade-free, all laser-LASIK technique that uses a femtosecond laser. Dr. Bernitsky was the first New Mexico surgeon to offer blade-free LASIK and is now the only Albuquerque LASIK doctor offering the latest, most advanced femto surgical laser—the Ziemer FEMTO LDV™ Z-4. The improved speed and accuracy of this 5 million pulse per second laser results in a faster, more comfortable surgery, faster healing and visual recovery and fewer side effects. The flexibility in flap creation allows Dr. Bernitsky to customize every aspect of your surgery to give you the very best possible results!

Wavefront-Guided Technology—Visx Star S4 and Visx Customvue Laser

The VISX Star S4 is known worldwide for its dependability and performance. The combination of data gathered from the WaveScanWavefront System with Variable Spot Scanning and Iris Recognition tracking (ActiveTrak) technology produces the most accurate, precise vision correction possible with the fewest side effects possible.

Top LASIK Technology, Top ABQ LASIK Doctor

Bernitsky Vision continues to update our LASIK technology and Dr. Bernitsky continues to stay at the forefront of developments in laser vision correction so that we provide the best care and vision correction results for our patients. For permanent vision correction, choose one of Albuquerque’s leading LASIK doctors; contact Bernitsky Vision to schedule your consultation with Dr. Bernitsky to find out if LASIK is right for you.