Bernitsky Vision in Albuquerque is committed to offering the best vision services possible. We are the only office in New Mexico to provide a full-spectrum of vision correction options, including:

  • All-Laser LASIK
  • The Staar Visian ICL Implantable Contact Lens, for dry eye, high myopia, thin corneas or those who prefer a reversible procedure
  • Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) – sometimes called Clear Lens Exchange or lens replacement surgery – for correction of moderate to severe hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, and patients with early cataracts
  • PRK for people with thin or irregular corneas and those who prefer not to have a flap
  • Cataract Surgery, for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism in patients with Cataracts
  • LRI and CRI for astigmatism
  • LASIK for mild to moderate myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism

By having multiple vision correction options, Dr. Bernitsky can treat a broader range of vision problems. At Bernitsky Vision, you won’t be pushed into a procedure that’s not optimal for your eyes and your vision. Instead, Dr. Bernitsky provides the best vision correction option for your unique needs.

Dr. Bernitsky is pleased to offer a variety of payment options including cash, credit card, cashier’s check and several flexible financing choices, call us at 323-0800 for more details.

Our Focus is YOU! Good vision is a precious gift. At Bernitsky Vision, we are committed to offering you the very best vision correction experience possible by providing exceptional service, the safest, most accurate cutting-edge technology available, and the expertise of a nationally respected Ophthalmologist- Dr. David Bernitsky.

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At Bernitsky Vision, we are proud to combine advanced diagnostic testing, an experienced Albuquerque LASIK surgeon and sophisticated technology to produce excellent results that improve your visual acuity and enhance your overall quality of life.

Choose the doctor who literally changes the way you see the world—choose Dr. Bernitsky in ABQ, a board-certified ophthalmologist who specializes in surgical vision correction. For a comprehensive vision correction consultation with Dr. Bernitsky, contact us today.